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Financial difficulties can strike at anytime. Job loss, illness, marital problems or accumulating credit card debt are just a few of the unfortunate causes of financial stress. For years, we have been helping individuals and businesses take control of their debt and get on the road to financial stability.

Debt can be stressful, but there are several options. BDO will help you explore ALL of your financial options including debt settlement and debt consolidation through a consumer proposal, credit counselling and other forms of debt relief. Bankruptcy is always viewed as a last resort and our role is to find the best alternative.

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We have built a strong reputation providing objective, independent and knowledgeable perspectives to every situation. The professionals at BDO Cobourg will review your financial situation including your budget, income, assets, debts and current expenses and recommend a manageable debt solution that fits your needs.

As the debt solution experts, we help thousands of Canadians get out from under their debts. In fact, more Canadians choose BDO to resolve their debt problems than any other firm in the country*. We offer credit counselling, debt settlement and debt consolidation through consumer proposals, and knowledgable trustees who can provide a fresh start through bankruptcy.

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